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  1. A completed PBTCVS application form with recent 2 x 2 pictures. (PBTCVS Form 1)
  2. A copy of medical school diploma.
  3. A copy of license to practice medicine in the Philippines.
  4. A certificate of completion – caseload requirement from PATACSI signed by the PATACSI President and PATACSI Chairman of the Training Committee.
  5. Diploma or certificate of completion from a surgical specialty training program (thoracic and cardiovascular surgery or vascular surgery) accredited or recognized by PATACSI.
  6. Letter of recommendation from the head of the training program and one other member of the faculty of the same program.
  7. Letter of recommendation from another member of the faculty of the same program.
  8. List of patients and operations performed as primary surgeon during training, based on required thoracic surgery, cardiac surgery and/or vascular surgery index cases. (PBTCVS Form 2)
  9. Complete log of operations during surgical specialty training.
  10. Summary of all operations done as Surgeon or First assistant and according to subspecialty (PBTCVS Form 3)
  11. Payment of examination fees:

Note: The Board may require (on a case-to-case basis) other additional documents to validate the candidate’s credentials.

PBTCVS Certifying Examination FORMS:

1. PBTCVS Form 1: Application Form

2. PBTCVS Form 2: List of Index Cases

     2.1. PBTCVS Examination Form 2: CARDIAC Tracking

     2.2. PBTCVS Examination Form 2: THORACIC Tracking

     2.3. PBTCVS Examination Form 2: VASCULAR Tracking

3. PBTCVS Form 3: Summary of All Cases:

     3.1. PBTCVS Examination Form 3: CARDIAC Tracking

     3.2. PBTCVS Examination Form 3: THORACICIC Tracking

     3.3. PBTCVS Examination Form 3: VASCULAR Tracking