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We are an organization of competent, ethical and socially responsive surgeons working to ensure quality of thoracic, cardiac and vascular surgery practice in the Philippines.



Our vision is to provide world class thoracic, cardiac and vascular surgical care responsive to the needs of the Filipino people.


Objectives of PATACSI:

  1. To ensure the highest standards of thoracic, cardiac and vascular surgery training programs.
  2. To promote surgical research in thoracic, cardiac and vascular surgery.
  3. To provide relevant continuing surgical education in thoracic, cardiac and vascular surgery.
  4. To maintain the highest standards of ethical surgical practice




It is the right of each patient to be cared for by residents who are appropriately supervised; possess the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities; understand the limits of their knowledge and experience; and seek assistance as required to provide optimal patient care. Graduating residents will apply these skills to critique their future unsupervised practice and effect quality improvement measures.”

                                                            Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education3


The basic functions of the accreditation process are to evaluate, improve, and publicly recognize institutions that are in substantial compliance with the standards of quality education duly established. Trainings in thoracic surgery, cardiac surgery and vascular surgery require high standards to make certain that every trainee will achieve world class qualifications of safe and updated surgery.  Whilst the Accreditation Committee safeguards these preset quality of specialty education, PATACSI as a whole, aims to help each training program reach the standards.

Accreditation is achieved through a voluntary process of evaluation and review of a training program based on published accreditation standards. The training institution should show proof that an effective learning and working environment leads to the standardized educational outcomes. Trainees must also demonstrate a commitment to professionalism and an adherence to ethical principles.

PATACSI Accreditation Manual 2019