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PATACSI Fellows Assistance Plan




PATACSI Fellows Assistance Plan

PATACSI Fellows Financial Assistance Plan (PFFAP)

The PFFAP is a one-time monetary support to a PATACSI Fellow for his/her hospitalization or death. It is befitting that, as a society, we have a definite plan in place to help a colleague or his/her family during a difficult time. This is also a token of appreciation to our senior colleagues for their long years of service to our society.


Annual contribution of PhP 500 per active fellow which is due every December 29th.


Non-payment of annual contribution for 2 years shall render the fellow inactive, and therefore, ineligible for benefits.

Reinstatement of delinquent members:

Upon payment of back dues plus 10% of the said amount, the delinquent member becomes eligible for full benefit.


A total amount of one hundred thousand Pesos (Php 100,000.00) shall be given to a qualified member as requested during his/her major illness*, permanent major disability^, or mandatory to the bereaved family.

The full amount is provided as a one time benefit and is exclusive of other donations from the members.


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